“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
― Benjamin Franklin

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Formula 1 Pit Stops, 1950 vs 2013

This video is too good not to share. File this under: Progress.

The tire change in that 1950 pit stop is hilarious and painfully slow, watching him struggle and repeatedly slam on that giant wheel nut with a hammer. Apparently 67 seconds was a decent time. The 2013 pit stop that only takes a few seconds just blows my mind. Very impressive.

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Ride and Hike – Buffalo Mountain

Despite enjoying both motorcycle riding and hiking, we usually don’t combine the two. We’re ATGATT (All the gear, all the time – referring to safety gear) kind of people, and that usually means its not worth the effort at trail heads to change out of the moto gear and find a way to secure it while we go for a hike. Plus, we really like taking the dog on hikes, it makes him so happy.

So we didn’t set out to go for a hike yesterday, but the opportunity presented itself while riding around playing a little moto tag. Fantastic spring weather is finally here (hurray!), so we hopped on the dualsports in search of dirt roads. After picking up the tag and discussing where to place it next, we realized we’d never been up Buffalo Mountain, which at nearly 4000 ft, is one of the area’s major geographic features.

As it turns out, once you ride up the dirt road to the parking lot, there is a steep hiking trail a bit over a mile long to the summit.



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Spring Hike

This was our view for lunch on Saturday on a little hike at Hanging Rock:


Sunny weather in the low 60s makes for very nice hiking.  A little further down the trail was this view:



Cody was happy we finally took him on an adventure, rather than getting locked up in the house while we went for a motorcycle ride. It was just too nice not to be outside.

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“If I were creating a world, I wouldn’t mess about with butterflies and daffodils. I would have started with lasers, eight o’clock, day one!” – Evil Genius, Time Bandit

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Cody and the Turkey

Cody caught a turkey yesterday, and it may have been the highlight of his life. At least, it was very exciting. It seemed like he knew that this what what he was born to do, to fetch injured and dead birds. Its in his genes, generations of breeding for just that task.

He was able to catch it because it was clearly a very injured and/or sick bird, discovered while on a walk near the house. The bird was not going to make it before Cody discovered it, but Cody sealed its fate as he shook it nearly to death in utter delight. He was just devastated when  Kevin was able to catch up to him to take it away. The highs and lows in life can just happen so fast:)


I love that Kevin was able to catch the moment on camera. Its pretty good photo for a phone camera. That is a dog on a mission, poor bird.

In other news, March has apparently forgotten the old adage about “in like a lion, out like a lamb.”  Our pattern this spring continues: we enjoyed a 200+ mile motorcycle ride this weekend in beautiful sunny weather, and today we have this:



Truthfully, it’s rather lovely, if mis-timed.

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“Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple.” ― Woody Guthrie

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Renee Cormier on world moto travel

At 33 years old, Renee Cormier, a Canadian working in Colorado, quit his job and sold everything (house, car, personal possessions, and all but one motorcycle), to travel the world by motorcycle (on about $26/day).  He traveled the globe for four years, and now, for part of the year, gives talks about his trip. (Other parts of the year, he leads motorcycle and Safari tours in Africa).

Since we love all things moto travel, and wanted to go for a ride yesterday, we took a little ride to Roanoke to play a bit of moto tag, and hang out at the BMW moto dealer to listen to Renee’s presentation, which was excellent.


The talk also gave us an opportunity to pick up his book, “The University of Gravel Roads, Global Lessons from a Four-Year Motorcycle Adventure.”


We had both seen his book before, and had it on the list to pick up one day. He self-published, so we liked buying directly from him in person, as he gets to keep all the money above his costs. We figure it worth it to hear the amazing stories from a guy who sold everything and spent it all on  a world-wide moto adventure.

Riding on such a beautiful day (spring weather is slowly making an appearance, I’ll take 60s and sunny), and then getting to hear about an excellent world-wide moto adventure is a fantastic way to spend a Saturday. Renee’s presentation was great, and the Q&A afterwards was informative and full of useful and funny anecdotes. There are quite a few people who are doing, or have done, world moto travel, and we always enjoy hearing about their experiences. (Other famous books in this genre are Mondo Enduro, and Jupiter’s Travels, among several others). If you like travel at all, attending one of these talks is great entertainment (well, the two we’ve been to anyway). The downside, of course, is all those photos of beautiful locations and stories of adventure do nothing to quell our wanderlust. I left yesterday’s talk ready to take another moto trip.

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“Who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life and lived, or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed?” – Hunter S. Thompson

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More Snow

Sun, then snow, then sun, then…

More snow:

*dramatic sigh*. Harumph. We had to cancel two appointments on Monday because of the weather. We looked at the forecast, and rescheduled for today.

Naturally, that forecast was a bit off. There have been several inches of accumulation over last night and this morning. The roads are a mess.  Over my protestations earlier today, Kevin insisted on giving it a shot to make the drive. The only reason we got anywhere at all was due to taking the truck with four wheel drive. It took over an hour to reach the interstate (which normally takes 30-40 min), and even it was not much better than the other roads (the on and off ramps were disasters,  with stuck vehicles, including at least one semi). North Carolina just does not have the ability to handle this much snow. We just don’t get this weather often enough to justify paying for all those plows.

We ended up re-scheduling those appointments, again. Very frustrating.  I’m lodging a formal complaint that this kind of weather is totally unacceptable for this time of year. A snowy winter wonderland is only magical at the beginning of the season. It should be understood that we have THINGS to DO. (I’m sure my complaint will be taken into consideration.) March can just take a hike as far as I’m concerned.

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