A Gift from the River

Surprise! Kevin and I have added another addition to the family:) Everyone, meet Cody :


The mayo river seems to have a habit of producing cold, shivering, approximately 3 month old puppies. Back in 1999, a chocolate lab puppy, later named Molly, washed up in a rather sorry state on the banks of Charles’ property along the river. (Charles lives on the river in town, and is a family friend.) No one claimed the dog, so Charles and his wife have happily kept it ever since. Fast forward to a few days ago, after some rather significant rainfall, Molly got her chance to return the favor by coaxing another very scared, cold, and hungry puppy out of a very turbulent river. Despite the overwhelming success with his first dog from the river (molly has made a wonderful pet), Charles felt that perhaps someone else would appreciate this particular gift of the many the river has to offer (it doesn’t deliver just puppies you know:). Thus, I finally get my wish, and am now the proud owner of what appears to be a happy and healthy 3 month old Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy. (More links about the breed here and here.)

We’ve only had him since this morning, but he’s already starting to feel like part of the family:)

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2 Responses to A Gift from the River

  1. Chris says:

    he’s cute, he looks like a teddy bear in dog form.

  2. anonymous says:

    beginning of………………DOG – BLOG

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