Almost Friday

Heh, iphone

Apple’s new phone is almost what I want. However, I think I’ll wait a year or two until one of their competitors makes something better for less money. By then, these devices will be better and more refined products (1st generation anything is bound to have bugs), and I won’t have to buy from Apple if I don’t want to. (Which I don’t).

In other news, I’ll be in Florida this weekend for a friends wedding. (I know, another wedding that’s not mine, we’ll set a date soon, I promise:) I am excited to see everyone, and I am sure I’ll have a wonderful time as I always do, but the travelling itself is never fun. Kevin and I leave friday morning and get to Tampa mid-afternoon. The rehersal dinner is friday evening-ish and the wedding is Saturday. Sunday morning we have to be at the airport by 10am to come home. Not exactly a a relaxing and exotic Florida vacation, like my co-workers accusations imply.

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  1. Amy says:

    blog blog blog

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