Puppy Rampage

The garage is decidedly NOT a good dog pen…

Remember the video’s I posted a few days ago showing Cody fetching the tennis ball? (You should, it’s the post right below this one). Well, if you pay attention, you can see the six 40lb bags of lime sitting by the barn-style doors. The bags were left over from starting our lawn last fall. If you were curious to know what five of those bags looked like torn open and spread around the garage, the above is a pretty representative depiction. I know my curiosity has been satisfied. Also, powdery gray puppy prints all over the place are great for letting me know where Cody has been during the day, and what he was interested in. Conclusion: everywhere and everything.

Anyway, I am not ashamed to admit that I did not watch the SOTU address last night. My shoulders are still reminding me of how I spent that time shoveling and vacuuming 200lbs of lime off of my garage floor. (Oh, and before I forget, Kevin was conveniently out of town last night on business in Ohio. So dealing with this little fiasco was entirely up to me). *Note to self: puppy-proof everything.* The upside is that, after giving Cody a bath immediately upon arriving home yesterday, he didn’t put up a fuss while I used the hair dryer to dry him so he wouldn’t smell like wet-dog all night. Wouldn’t want to add insult to injury:)

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    More, DOG-BLOG

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