Hilarity Ensues – Boston police ensure the city is safe from LEDs arranged on cardboard

If you haven’t been following the “bomb scare” news story out of Boston, you are really missing out on some real life entertainment. Police and homeland security in Boston responded to an advertising campaign for a CARTOON as if it were a terrorist threat, and are now acting like a bunch of immature children throwing a tantrum to cover their embarrassment. Btw, Aqua Teen Hunger Force is a terrible and stupid cartoon, and don’t let anyone tell you any different. It’s been this sort of subculture hit for awhile now (I first saw the cartoon on the internet a couple of years ago), but it is NOT FUNNY. However, the situation in Boston over their advertising campaign is HILARIOUS. Seriously. Go check out Chris’ blog for the youtube video of the news conference with the “accused.” If you don’t laugh, you take life way too seriously. Reason writes about it here, here, and here. Sadly, its all oh so true:



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9 Responses to Hilarity Ensues – Boston police ensure the city is safe from LEDs arranged on cardboard

  1. anonymous says:


  2. anonymous says:

    “I laughed out loud!!! heh, how long will this farce continue? those guys are idiots, but i commend them, really… madness….

  3. anonymous says:

    Dearest AMY… We Noticed your Linked BLOG COMMENTS @ 2:21am…. Are you getting enough “BEAUTY-REST” ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Your MOM

  4. Amy says:

    heh, i haven’t stayed up that late in forever. my site or chris’ site? you have to set the time on this site, and I think I have it set incorrectly…..

  5. Amy says:

    oh, I saw it on chris’ site…. no, it was definitely not 2:21 am when I made that comment:) in fact, his post inspired me to write mine. (sorry to steal a topic chris, but I’d been following for awhile, and had to chime in:), so basically, I wrote my post just a few minutes after commenting on his site, which was last night sometime…he must have his time set wrong

  6. Amy says:

    and no, mom, I don’t really think it was actually you that made the comment above

  7. anonymous says:

    ? ? ? !

  8. anonymous says:

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  9. Mom says:

    Amy – glad you figured out the ‘Dearest Amy’ posting was not from me. And yes – I did laugh at the video. The video did not state that they also advertised in other cities with almost no reaction. Some people in Boston feel like they are the laughing stock of the nation. One upside to this is that there wasn’t anything more serious worthy of national headlines.

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