A little humility is good for you:)

Play the “wow, it’s really sad how little geography I actually know!” game.

Two for one: entertaining and educational! Great for wasting time! Let me know if you get them all right. Even if you do miss a few, I am still not going to tell you my score, because, truthfully, I didn’t do very well. I used to excel at geography in school, but apparently I haven’t flexed that brain muscle in awhile. IMHO, there shouldn’t be that many Baltic states anyway, so there.

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7 Responses to A little humility is good for you:)

  1. anonymous says:


  2. anonymous says:

    Still, TOO HARD …

  3. MZDAI says:

    While you were Slaving-Away Today at WORK, I got to see “The LOVE of your Life” . Jealous?

  4. Amy says:

    tee hee, security cameras, aren’t they great? nah, I’m not jealous, my view has better resolution:)

  5. anonymous says:


  6. MZDAI says:

    I only went as far as GERMANY… Donald

  7. uncle bill says:

    interesting site, ended up with 55%, some of the minor countries were a real brain teaser, helps if you have lived / traveled in the region

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