Motorcycle Show

Ok, I finally have time to share the fun events from last weekend. Kevin and I went to see the last stop of the Cycle World International Motorcycle Show on Saturday, which was held in the Georgia World Congress Center in downtown Atlanta. Overall, it was a great time, although I thought it was too small and over much too quickly:)

While walking to the venue, Kevin and I saw this lovely affront to the 1st amendment: Free speech? what?


Buell has the most fun display in the whole show by far. Too bad they don’t have the best bikes.

2-25-2007-03 2-25-2007-51

Chris, these made us think of you:

2-25-2007-05 2-25-2007-57

Some day…


Please Please Please make this bike Cagiva….please…I should have filled out the survey twice…




From Russia, the Ural sidecar – with two wheel drive:


We have a new winner…No lie, this place in Underground Atlanta has better strawberry malts that George’s Dairy Bar. This malt was officially awesome:


These guys put on a great show. If I tried to tell you about this, you wouldn’t believe me, so here you go, seeing is believing:

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7 Responses to Motorcycle Show

  1. anonymous says:

    JESUS ! ! !

  2. anonymous says:

    P.S. Click-on Individual Pictures, for More Comments…

  3. anonymous says:

    Did you see / feel / touch / avoid, the CAN-AM SPYDER reverse-trike Motor-cycle ?

  4. Kevin says:

    None were at the show, but I think I saw two on the street in Atlanta. They are also featured in the April Cycle World.

  5. anonymous says:

    Thank-You, We went to C-W & read about the spyder :-) :-)

  6. anonymous says:

    UP-DATES ?

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