Blog? Oh yeah, I have one of those…

Whew….busy busy. Time really does fly….

Anyway, here’s an interesting story from a couple of weeks ago:

3-16-07Yup, the WordPress blogging software really did get hacked. The google story is here. The good news is that I don’t use the software, only the free service, so I’ve never downloaded anything from WordPress. Also, the problem was limited to one specific version of the software, and WordPress had a fix available for download almost immediately, and has taken steps to mitigate this sort of behavior in the future. All any victims had to do was download the new version, and the problem went away. So basically, the whole thing was a non-issue, but I still thought it was interesting.

Especially this. The server went down for a few hours that day, and when I tried to access my blog, I got this humorous error message:


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