We’re back

Ok, we made it home safe and sound, and life is slowly but surely returning to normal. I am not going to write a long blog post right now, but its safe to say that Kevin and I had a GREAT time during our two full days on the Biltmore Estate. If you haven’t been, its highly recommended. I don’t have any wedding pictures yet, but hopefully these pictures from our trip will hold you over:)

Biltmore House:

5-11-2007-094 5-11-2007-007 5-11-2007-090

View from the back porch of the house:


Gardens and grounds: (The late and unexpected freeze during April unfortunately killed most of the gardens , so they were not nearly the attraction they usually are. Typically as many people come to see the gardens as the historic house itself. This time however, only the extensive collection of plants inside the greenhouses were thriving.)

5-11-2007-080 5-11-2007-083 5-11-2007-005 5-11-2007-049 5-11-2007-051

5-11-2007-096  5-11-2007-098s 5-11-2007-099 5-11-2007-102

This is the hotel we stayed in, Inn on the Biltmore, which is on the 8000 acre estate property, about four miles from the Biltmore House:

5-11-2007-048 5-11-2007-054 5-11-2007-058

In addition to the audio tour and a behind the scenes tour of the house, Kevin and I also went horseback riding around the biltmore estate, and took one of their brand new off-road Segway tours:

5-11-2007-073 5-11-2007-075 5-11-2007-077

5-11-2007-089s 5-11-2007-089s2 5-11-2007-089s3 5-11-2007-089s4

And finally, a picture from our trip home:


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4 Responses to We’re back

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  2. MZDAI says:

    Glad to receive your Blog of the l2th with pictures of your stay at the Biltmore Estate. We enjoyed a stay there many years ago when we summered nearby.
    We all gathered at Deborah and Rick’s to celebrate Mother’s Day yesterday. Previously I had mentioned to Deb that I felt that somehow motorcycles would be involved in your honeymoon. When Dean announced your plans she gave me a “look” – “how did you know?” What an ideal place for riding.
    Oh yes, your Bride’s Bouquet looked great until to-day – There were nearly five dozen roses assembled – what a work of art. I took off bindings and faithfully cut stems and fed aspirins each day. I have really enjoyed them but hope the single girls there were not too disappointed that I ‘caught’ the Bouquet. I can never thank you enough for making it possible for us to attend your wedding. We enjoyed so much meeting your folks Amy. Your Mom came over and had a special little chat with me. Love Mum and Da’

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  4. anonymous says:

    ? ?

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