More wedding pics

These pics are from the photographer at Tampa Photo. Enjoy:

(Edit: I’ve re-loaded all the pics, you should be able to click through to a larger image now).

05-06-2007-003s2 05-06-2007-006s2 050-06-2007-013s2

05-06-2007-021s2  05-06-2007-026s2 05-06-2007-031s2

05-06-2007-035s2  05-06-2007-075s2 05-06-2007-085s2

05-06-2007-104s2  05-06-2007-114s2 05-06-2007-125s2

05-06-2007-132s2  05-06-2007-135s2 05-06-2007-173s2

05-06-2007-199s2  05-06-2007-209s2 05-06-2007-232s2

05-06-2007-300s2  05-06-2007-301s2 05-06-2007-323s2

05-06-2007-361s2  05-06-2007-359s2

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4 Responses to More wedding pics

  1. anonymous says:

    On Father’s Day at Deb’s, Dean mentioned that some of the PROFESSIONAL Pictures were tilted / taken on an Angle ?

  2. anonymous says:

    COMPLAINT – DEPARTMENT When we Click-on the New PROFESSIONAL Wedding Pictures, they do NOT ENLARGE :-(

  3. anonymous says:

    Yeah, to follow up on comment no.2, the links associated with each thumbnail are all the same. They don’t link to a .gif file like your usual pictures.

  4. ~A says:

    I don’t know!….I can’t fix it. It took forever to upload too, so I really don’t want to do it all over again. The link is totally different. I tried to manually alter the code, but that didn’t work…it seems to think the pics are attachments, vs. the usual page to a .jpg. I don’t know. I’ll keep trying….

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