We hired our good buddy Webb, who does residential and commercial landscaping, to plant some trees for us. They look good now, and they’ll look great this spring.

1-15-2008-004 1-15-2008-007  1-15-2008-010

Kevin did some transplanting on his own. We really do have a lot of trees on our property already, that are free, that just aren’t in the right spot. In the picture below, our property is to the left, our neighbors property is to the right, and the picture is taken from the road. Take a guess at the goal of all the transplanting:


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5 Responses to Trees!

  1. anonymous says:

    TREES :-)

  2. anonymous says:

    ? … . . . Less Grass to Mow . . . . . . ?

  3. MzDai says:

    I Don’t Know . . . . . . .

  4. MzDai says:

    RE-FORESTATION ? is Don’s Guess…

  5. ~Amy says:

    Think “visual barrier” :)

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