When we moved into our house, we didn’t go out and buy a bunch of furniture to fill it. We used what we already had and what was given to us, sometimes just as a temporary “this will suffice for the moment” measure until we decided what we wanted to buy. This is all well and good, its just funny how temporary can turn into TWO years.

Anyway, until recently, our favorite works-part-time-from-home master’s level mechanical engineer was working here:

1-23-08-desk after

A bit spartan, eh? (And normally not that neat. Our office space usually looks like a hacker den, with various electronic parts and cords everywhere:) Oddly, the above picture is a step up from where he started:

1-23-08-desk before

It didn’t take long for the card table (with cushy vinyl top) to get old, but the drive to buy new was still weak. The solution was freecycle, which is where that first desk came from. In the last few weeks, we’ve graduated to craigslist, where we found this slightly used but beautiful, solid wood desk:


This is a real solution that is much deserved, and should be usable for quite some time. Notice the awesome new 22″ monitor and desk chair, Christmas gifts from wonderful parents-who-care:)

I also managed to get in on the office-space improving action, and nabbed myself this beautiful (and matching!) deal of solid wood and wood veneers: (before and after):

1-23-2008-my old desk  1-23-2008-065s

Given how much time we both spend in front of the computer, it was past time to create comfortable working conditions. All around, we did pretty well this Christmas:)

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  1. anonymous says:

    YES :-)

  2. anonymous says:

    . . .

  3. anonymous says:

    … ?

  4. anonymous says:

    UpDate ?

  5. ~Amy says:

    Dawn? Where ya been? Call me!

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