VW Golf Hybrid Diesel

70 MPG. Coming soon? We’ll see… It’s supposed to meet emissions requirements in the US, even California.



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7 Responses to VW Golf Hybrid Diesel

  1. ANONYMOUS says:

    Our Friend Frank Todesco has a Toyota Prius HYBRID that he used to Love & now Hates / Fears… The Drive-train Warranty lasts 100,000 miles… At 101,000 miles he had to pay $450 for a new Inverter… Recently, at 103,000 miles it failed so bad that after a week the Toyota Dealer still did not know what was wrong… They had to bring a specially trained mechanic from Orlando? to Diagnose / Repair the Prius… CO$T of Repair, $5,600… :-( For 2 years Frank, was trying to convince Everyone to buy a Hybrid now he Fears what is going to break Next… P.S. He still owes $8,000 on the Prius & is still making monthly payments… anyone want a Prius for just taking over the monthly payments ?… ?…

  2. ANONYMOUS says:

    Recently, i read that in England HYBRIDs are DEPRECIATING FASTER than the same car without the Hybrid…

  3. ANONYMOUS says:

    DIESEL :-) Hybrid :-(

  4. ANONYMOUS says:

    . . .

  5. ~Amy says:

    I still have faith hybrid technology will mature and be reliable. However, I have been saying for awhile now that its easier and cheaper to just drive diesel. The mileage is just about as good, and diesel engines aren’t nearly as dirty and polluting as they used to be. The technology is really good now (quiet, good power, fairly clean, etc). Diesel production capacity, on the other hand, is another story entirely….

  6. ANONYMOUS says:


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