We all wonder, from time to time, “is there a homogeneous solid shape that is mono-monostatic?” Well, after 10 years of searching, some Hungarian mathematicians have found the answer! Mono-monstatic means that this is a shape of a constant-density, continuous material, that no matter which way it is placed it will roll and rock around until it rights itself in it’s one stable position.


Wired Article with good video

Gomboc website

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5 Responses to Gömböc!

  1. ~Amy says:

    LOL! What’s with the all the turtles in the video?? The sound does nothing, its in German. How do you even say the title word?

    Also, when can I have one as a paperweight?

  2. ANONYMOUS says:

    JESUS !

  3. ANONYMOUS says:


  4. ANONYMOUS says:


  5. ANONYMOUS says:

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