Motorcycle Camping Trip

There are many great motorcycling roads in this part of the country that are just too far away from home for day or weekend ride. Since I had both July 3rd and 4th off from work, Kevin and I decided to take advantage of the four day weekend and take a long bike trip to see some new and favorite places. We packed up the bikes Wednesday night and headed out Thursday morning.

Day 1

Packed on just the back seat of Kevin’s bike is the tent, poles, ground pad, sleeping rolls, 2 backpackers expanding pillows, and a full size towel. Between using backpacking gear and packing light, it really is possible to go camping on motorcycles:)

We headed south down the Blue Ridge Parkway, stopped for lunch in Boone (that’s where Appalachian State is located), and made our way down to see Grandfather Mountain.

We camped the first night off the parkway near Linville Falls.

Day 2

Day 2 was the 4th of July, and we were very lucky to find an available camp site.

Day 3

Day 3 covered two of the most famous motorcycling roads in the country, the Cherohala Skyway, and Deal’s Gap (aka the Tail of the Dragon.) Unfortunately, we rode through rain most of the morning. The first half of the Cherohala was plagued by wet roads and very heavy fog. While it was a neat and surreal experience, I was glad that by the second half of the 50 miles on the Skyway, the rain had moved on, and we could enjoy the great views with clear skies and a dry road.

The rest of the afternoon was just beautiful as we rode through the mountains of Tennesee to the infamous 11 miles of Rt 129. Deals gap is almost literally a circus on the weekend, especially a holiday weekend. There were hundreds of bikes there to ride the Dragon.

We spent Day 4 riding back home and trying to avoid the rain. Overall, we only had to put on the rain gear a few times during the the trip, which was entirely worth it for having been able to enjoy the rest of the ride. Even after four days I was not ready to come home, and I am already looking for destinations for our next motorcycle camping trip.

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  1. uncle bill says:

    thanks for the up date

  2. ? ? says:

    thanks for the up date

  3. MzDai says:

    For the First time in my life, I am thinking , I should have taken More Motorcycle Rides. thanks for the up date P.S. Deborah & family are at a Cottage near Ithaca N.Y…. Deborah took up her new Blackberry & i have enjoyed helping her test out the new features…

  4. ? ? says:

    thanks for the up date.

  5. ? ? says:

    Dr Ron Paul’s Book; THE REVOLUTION:A MANIFESTO is now Sale$ Ranked # 130 in books

  6. ? ? says:

    Dean, e-mailed us some pictures of the Canoe Race :-) :-) :-)

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  10. ? ? says:

    Watched a few Deal’s-Gap Videos on YouTube…….

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    ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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    ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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