We had a very unusual cold snap last week here in NC. There were temperatures below 20°  F for several days, and we saw temps as low as 5° at our house on Friday night.

All kinds of fun things happen when it gets that cold outside:


Yes, that picture above is of a very cylindrical section of ice sitting on my trashcan.  Where do you suppose that came from? Maybe some context will help:


The local Lowes Home Improvement store apparently sold a lot of heat tape this weekend.  We should know, since we bought some. We had too, given that a certain section of our hot water plumbing was apparently not as well insulated or as near to the heat envelope in our house as we thought it was.  Fortunately, there was no damage, and my favorite plumber was able to remedy the situation first thing on Saturday morning. Live and learn I guess.

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3 Responses to COLD

  1. ? ? says:


  2. MzDai says:

    DAD says it looks like ICYCLES ?…

  3. ~Amy says:

    Yup. A hot water pipe froze solid. There wasn’t any damage that we could see, and we caught it while it was still frozen. Kevin went ahead and replaced about 10ft of pvc pipe anyway.

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