Snow Day!

It snowed over 5 inches last night. That’s more snow in one night than we’ve seen in three years of living here. It also rained and inch or two over the last few days,  so everything is iced over underneath the snow. My car is stuck in the driveway; I am completely unable to drive anywhere, so I’m posting this instead of going to work:) Enjoy the pics of our winter wonderland:)

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4 Responses to Snow Day!

  1. uncle bill says:

    welcome to ” reality ” — i currently have snow in my front yard nearly up to my waist — enjoy!!!!

  2. ~Amy says:

    Hi Uncle Bill! Its afternoon and reality is already melting away here in NC. I doubt as much for upstate NY:)

  3. Beth says:

    Hey Amy! I’m sure you remember that accumulation is what we have on a regular basis here in the cuse’! :-) Hope all is going well—we need to catch up sometime! Lily is 5.5 months already! I can’t believe it! You can check out her updated pics on her mobile me website (you need to go to the homepage to find the most recent album). I hope Cody is feeling better!
    :-) Beth

  4. ? ? says:

    SNOW DAY !

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