Congrats Andrew and Cassie!

Kevin and I flew to West Palm Beach, FL last weekend to attend the wedding of our very good friends Andrew and Cassie. The wedding was beautiful and we had a blast visiting with so many of our friends; the weekend was far too short.

Here’s the happy couple at the rehearsal:


Kevin and I hit the beach with a few of our friends for a few hours the day of the wedding. (Too bad it was so overcast, cool, and windy. The weather cleared up nicely later on for the wedding.):


This was spotted on the way back from the beach:


Pics from the wedding:

mini-p1010711 mini-p1010714 mini-p1010717

mini-p1010751 mini-p1010767 mini-p1010775

Hijinks on Andrew’s car were inevitable during the reception, with nearly everyone taking part to ensure it would take Andrew and Cassie weeks to undo all the effort. What are friends for, right?

Andrew of course, is a true friend, and gave all of his groomsmen a gift they could all use, an LED flashlight.  This one is particularly good. Take a look at the pictures below. The flashlight on the left is Andrew’s gift, and it has only a single LED. The flashlight on the right is one we already had, which uses three LEDs. Take a look at how amazing that single LED is compared to the three LED version on the right.

mini-p1010782 mini-p1010786

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