More Snow (AGAIN) = more pics and links

Ok, so it snowed another few inches again this morning. I, stupidly, tried to drive in it, and nearly got stuck. In case you didn’t know, freezing rain + snow = terrible driving conditions. (Remember kids, snowy hills require momentum. Don’t ever stop, or that’s the end of your trip. Also, traction control helps, woohoo!). The good news is that I’ve seen at least three or four big plows out trying to clear the roads in just our area of the county. The bad news is that it was still coming down so fast, their efforts seem a bit useless. Anyway, more pictures of snow outside my house:

And since I’m not going anywhere for a while, here are some interesting links:

Here are several short articles from Cafe Hayek:

I found Cafe Hayek from the always interesting Marginal Revolution.

Also, Government in action, seeking mentally retarded lawyers, which some people may or may not think is redundant.

Just because, here are yet more snow pictures from earlier this week:

The middle picture directly above shows our pond completely frozen and snowed over. That’s the first time in 4+ years of living here that we’ve seen that happen.

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4 Responses to More Snow (AGAIN) = more pics and links

  1. uncle bill says:

    Friday 2/5/2010 @ 4:44pm –” let it snow, let it snow, let it snow” — nice day here in up state New York, even had my car washed — enjoy Uncle Bill

  2. anon says:

    I hope you are well stocked with ingredients for French toast

  3. ?? says:

    THANK-YOU, for the PICTURES & LINKS… especially MarginalRevolution… :-)

  4. amytracker says:

    Ahem….there seem to be some smart-aleck commenters on this here blog….:)

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