Some stuff I read today:

1. Uniquely American? – I think this is an interesting explanation of why some political initiatives can work (at least by their own definition, for good or bad) in other countries, but fail within the American political framework.

One commenter suggested that under this argument, a “broken” political system implies a freer people, and is thus preferable. In this sense I agree as well. Also, as always, the comments are as interesting as the articles themselves.

Hadn’t thought about this before. YMMV.

2. Also, since Sarah Palin will apparently be forever in the news, I’m generally on board with this take. Meaning, I don’t dislike her, in fact there are some aspects I really like, but I’m in the group that thinks she’s not qualified for national office. As for the rest of the article, some of the assumptions are odd, like the implication that Barack Obama is not a populist. Uh what? Seriously?

I don’t write a political blog for a reason.

EDIT: Commenter “Dad” makes a good point, and I agree Obama isn’t actually a populist. To clarify the above post, I think Obama often uses populist rhetoric in support of various political aims.

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3 Responses to Links

  1. Dad says:

    At the risk of turning this into a political blog….
    Someone who views ordinary working class people as bitterly clinging to their guns, religion, and fear of outsiders, is not a populist. Obama mocked Scott Brown, who ran as a populist (whether he used the term or not) by saying “anybody can buy a truck”. He probably sees himself as representing the poor, but he does it only in the way socialists have always done it. Socialists and populists form alliances and sometimes have overlapping goals and interests, but they are not the same.

    Interesting that you read George Will. He usually makes an informed and interesting point, but beware that he is very much an elitist:

    What is a better way to put a link in a comment?

  2. ~A says:

    This is actually the first George Will column I’ve read, it was linked from….something I read more regularly I’m sure. I guess I should catch up.

    Too true about the working class people comment, I almost forgot about that nonsense. Agreed Obama can be elitist, but to your point about overlapping agendas, he often has a populist message. I was thinking about all that rhetoric about how the “bankers and wall street fat cats and the greedy evil corporations are screwing the rest of us” talk. Seems pretty populist to me.

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