Why say goodbye, say hello

Today was my last day as a manufacturing engineer for Weil-McLain.

Yup. I quit my job. Crazy, right?

I will now be joining those family members already working full-time in the hydropower business.

In many ways I am very excited to be making this move. After all, this is part of what we’ve been working towards. Working entirely for ourselves was one of our big goals, and now that goal has been met, so we can take the next step. But, since change is hard, the move is bittersweet. I worked with some very wonderful people at WM, and I will miss them. Working for two weeks after giving a resignation notice always feels weird. Plus, I mostly liked that job, which was often challenging, and sometimes fun. It’s hard to give up what amounts to a pretty good job, especially “in this economy.”  I’m a bit like the dog that actually caught the car, and wonders “now what?” We’ve been talking about the “what” for some time. For me, actually doing it will now be another matter entirely.

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4 Responses to Why say goodbye, say hello

  1. uncle bill says:

    Sat. 2/20/2010 @ 8:14am — best wishes to you and Kevin on your new venture —

  2. Rick Pettey says:

    Hey Amy! Deborah and I wish you the very best as you transition from the security of regular employment to the security of self-employment in a growth industry. I believe that this will be a really good thing for you and Kevin, and that your lives will be all the better for your courage and hard work. Peace!

  3. Rick England says:

    Good luck in the hydropowre biz! I know it is hard to leave a good position like that, but the rewards of being in your own business will far outway the negatives of leaving there.

    The gang here at Mickey all say ‘Hi, and good luck!”

    Rick England
    (Originally Submitted on 2010/02/25 at 9:41 am to About)

    • amytracker says:

      (original reply Submitted on 2010/03/08 at 9:38 pm | In reply to Rick England.)
      Hi Rick!…I’m so excited, I forgot you knew about my blog…still almost missed your comment. I think you’re right, but only time will tell:) Tell everyone I say hi! Its good to hear from you!

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