USF Baja SAE 2010 SC

We went to South Carolina this weekend to Clemson University to watch the USF Baja team compete in the first of three races this season. We arrived in time to watch the last of the dynamic events on Saturday, and to watch the whole four hour endurance once race on Sunday. The USF Baja team has done really well this year, and showed to up this race with a very good car.

Unfortunately, they had a chain come off in the middle of the endurance race, which kept them off the course long enough to to prevent a top-ten overall finish. However, they have two more races to go, and I expect they’ll do really well. (Despite the trouble, they still finished in the top 25 of 80 or so cars).

They did finish in third place out of a field of about 80 cars in the suspension and traction event. While they usually do well, this one had a pretty spectacular finish. Watch as the USF car temporarily makes the fastest run by finishing upside-down:

More pics and video from this weekends event:

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One Response to USF Baja SAE 2010 SC

  1. MzDai says:

    This rolls-back the years for me… Nice to be back in the Mini-Baja Information Loop………… Love to You Both, Mum…& ron

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