Our Garden

We decided to start a vegetable garden, just for the fun of it. We prep’d the ground late last fall to improve the heavy, acidic clay soil a a little bit, and planted the first crops in late March.

So far we’re eating delicious salad from two types of spinach, kale, two types of lettuce, and the first round of two types of carrots are almost ready. I’m slightly surprised we’ve managed to get anything edible at all:) We’ve planted a bunch since then, including several types of tomatoes and peppers, plus squash, beans, and corn. It also looks like the winter wheat Kevin planted last year is doing well, so it won’t be very long before we can make bread from wheat we grew ourselves.

Last summer, a friend of ours gave us some tomatoes they had grown, and they were absolutely the best tasting tomatoes I had ever eaten. I asked her what they were, and she told me they were “German Johnson” tomatoes, which is a type that is apparently fairly popular in this area. For me, our entire garden was really just an excuse to grow German Johnson tomatoes. As long as I can get some fresh tomatoes, I’ll consider the effort a success:)

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4 Responses to Garden

  1. mzdai says:

    ” If you are GREEN inside, you are CLEAN inside “

  2. mzdai says:

    CONGRADULATIONS ! on getting your Garden going… Wonder-full to see…………………………………… Daw

  3. mzdai says:

    Dad, was wondering if you can get any chicken manure,… which would do your garden great….

    • ~A says:

      We don’t have access to chicken manure, but we think we can still acquire horse and cow manure. We still had horses in our pasture last fall, so we were able to dig in horse manure, lime, and hydropower collected leaf mulch before winter.

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