Hybrid Solar-Wind powered clothes dryer

AKA a “clothesline”

Cody didn’t like it at first. He barked at it, wondering what the heck that new thing was in our backyard.

He may have a point. First impression is that its kind of  a lot of work. Yes, we got it for free, and yes, in principle we will use less resistance heating, the worst offender in our mild quest for energy efficiency, but…well we’ll see. Kevin obviously likes it, the amusement was enough to justify the effort of putting it up.  (“Think of the money we’ll save! Several dollars worth of electricity every year!”:) Regular comedian, that guy. He’s not the one that does the laundry however, and I suspect I will be less entertained in the future.  It might only get used as a diversion on beautiful sunny days when I am otherwise stuck in front of the computer screen all day, which actually will be pretty nice.

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2 Responses to Hybrid Solar-Wind powered clothes dryer

  1. mzdai says:

    Dad, uses his “SOLAR DRYER” regularly…….

  2. Rick Pettey says:

    I have childhood memories of this type of drier too. I was particularly fascinated with the effects of weather changes. Rain tended to have a reverse effect on the drying process. Frost, on the other hand, suspended the process, while at the same time changing the properties from those of cloth cloth to plywood!

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