Garden Update

So far so good. Gardens are fun and delicious. Here is the garden at the end of June:

our garden at the end of june 2010

Cody likes to “help” of course:

We planted too many carrots all at once, but we’re eating those now, along with squash and green pepper:

too many carrots

Yummy vegetables we hope to be eating soon include sweet peppers, hot peppers, nearly a whole row of various types of tomatoes, and eventually green beans and corn:

It looks like we’ll also have cantaloupe. There are at least 10 melons well on their way so far. That’s only one plant in the pictures below by the way, it was the only one that survived a mild late frost. I had no idea melon plants did this:

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One Response to Garden Update

  1. mzdai says:

    Daw, says; “Good for you… Good to see your Garden” P.S. “We certianly enjoyed your visit”… P.S.S. “Please, say Hi, to Tyler”

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