Garden Update

Back by popular demand. I’ll just go ahead and assume its a good thing that pictures of vegetables are a big hit on this blog:)

The good: We are still getting delicious food. Right now we have cantaloupe, entirely way too many tomatoes, bell peppers, hot peppers, banana peppers, and we’re just starting to get green beans. The corn is coming along nicely, the first of which should be ready in about two weeks.

The bad:

-Weeds. More specifically, we didn’t stay on top of weeding, so it kinda got out of hand. Initially, I was pretty enthusiastic about the garden, and so was very diligent in my efforts to control weeds. Then, it rained often enough that I didn’t have to water, and we got busy with work and other things, and the garden was pretty much ignored, except when we picked food out of it. The garden got dropped like new toy a month after Christmas. Kids these days, we have no discipline. Darn MTV generation, with attention spans about a minute long. Thankfully, the plants don’t need us much, and continued to do their thing.  I hope to have the situation remedied in time to leave on our trip. That way, it will just be a mess again by the time we get back.

-Horizontal tomato cages. What were we thinking? Who are these people online who said this was a good idea? (Granted they may have worked better if we had any discipline at all to actually tie off and train the vines to the cages like you are supposed to). We tried a mixture of tomato cage designs, and vertical re-mesh cages are clearly the superior choice, we’ll deal with the winter storage problem of said cages later.

Anyway, here are the garden pictures from early August:

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