Compliments to USPS

The post office doesn’t seem to get much praise very often, so I’ll give them credit where its due. This came in the mail today:

The problems with how this is addressed are numerous:

1. It has the wrong name. Now, it is actually my correct maiden name, but this is the second mailing from this organization. The first time even that was spelled wrong.

2. It has the wrong street address.

3. It has the wrong STATE.

This was not junk mail or a mass mailing. I had specifically requested something from this organization, and supplied the correct mailing info to them, twice. Apparently, all the USPS and my local post office needs is the correct zip code and the road, and mail will still get here.

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One Response to Compliments to USPS

  1. mzdai says:

    USPS ! ? * # …….

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