Epic Nova Scotia Motorcycle Adventure

Starts tomorrow morning!

The motorcycles are packed and ready to go:

Tomorrow we leave on an epic adventure:) We’re riding from the house here in North Carolina all the way to Nova Scotia, spending over a week enjoying a destination we’ve both wanted to see for awhile now, and then riding home by way of upstate NY. At least that’s the plan anyway. The whole trip will take 23 days and over 4000 miles, all on two motorcycles.

I want to try and post pictures during the trip; a few have mentioned they’d like to follow along, but that will depend on internet availability.  Kevin’s bringing the netbook, so whenever we have internet access, a blog post with some pictures of our awesome adventure should be no problem. While we’re in the states, we have two options for internet access: any available wi-fi, or 3G cell coverage (the phone can be tethered to the netbook; its great, as long as we have cell coverage, we have internet). The data plan gets outrageously expensive in Canada though, so we’ll be at the mercy of wi-fi availability once we cross the border. I doubt I’ll even have my cell phone on, as rates will limit the phone to emergency use only.

So that’s it! Woot! We’re going on vacation!

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