ENSMA Days 3-6

Greetings from Advocate Harbor, Nova Scotia, where we are enjoying good food, beautiful views of the Bay of Fundy, and free internet.

Here’s a brief summary of the last few days:

Day 6

Fundy National Park, NB to Advocate Harbor, Nova Scotia

– Would ya look at that, we made it. We rode our motorcycles from North Carolina to Nova Scotia.

Day 5

Belfast, ME to Fundy National Park, New Brunswick, Canada –> 286 miles.

-Rode across Maine, largely following the coast on Rt 1.

– Crossed the border at Calais into Canada around noon.

– Made our way across New Brunswick, taking back roads once we were east of St. John. Note: these were some very back roads. New Brunswick is deserted. The towns feel like normal towns, its just once you leave them, there is almost nothing save some farmland and a few houses, and the towns are very few and far between. Contrast to eastern PA, where we could hardly get up to speed before hitting the next set of lights.  The roads in NB did not have painted lines unless it was actual highway, and the winter frost turns the pavement into a suspension/fork seal test. Stay alert to avoid pot-holes. Don’t break down here, its really out there in the middle of no-where. We pulled into Sussex to get gas, and it really felt like we were returning to civilization. While looking for a gas station, we even got stuck in traffic on a side street in an urban residential area. From behind the line of slow moving cars, it looked like there was an accident. That is until we got around the problem, and saw that it was a rather large bull walking down the middle of the road that was holding up traffic.

Me to gas station attendant: ” Do ya’ll usually have cows wandering down the road around town?”

Gas station attendant: ” Yeah, that happens every now and then.”

Day 4

NH to ME –> 207 mi

-On the road from the campground in NH by 8:30am.

– Made our way across to Belfast, Maine, where we stayed with family friends, who treated us to an over-the-top lobster dinner and, of course, ice-cream.

Day 3

NJ to NH –> total miles = 322.

-We were on the road from the camp ground in NJ by 8:30am.

– Crossed the Hudson river on the Rip Van Winkle Toll Bridge in Catskill, NY around noon.

– Rode up Greyloch Mountain in MA in the afternoon and took a break to check out the memorial tower and the views

– It was a very long and hot day to reach Bear Brook State Park in NH to camp for the night, where thunderstorms dropped rain on us all night, so we had to pack up in the wet. Ugh. This part of the trip was admittedly less fun.

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    :-) :-) :-)

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    G r E y l o c h …….. not ….. G r A y l o c h

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