ENSMA Days 17-23 – Home Again!

We made it back home safe and sound on Sunday (08.29.2010). Being gone from the house for three weeks has meant that time for blogging has taken a back seat until today, when we’ve caught up enough for a quick post, nothing fancy:) Here’s the round up of the trip home since the last post at Day 16, plus some overall trip stats:

Epic Nova Scotia Motorcycle Adventure Trip Stats:

Total Miles: 4391.5

Total Days: 23

Average mi/day (on motorcycles): 191 mi/day – Max: 336.9, Min: 0

Number of States: 10

Number of Canadian Provinces: 2

Local Languages: English, French, Gaelic (Seen on road signs and heard spoken in Cape Breton)

Notable Wildlife: Bald Eagle (Spotted while sea kayaking), Moose (Spotted on the Cabot Trail), Seal (Spotted from our campsite on the Bay of Fundy)

In Sum? Our ENSMA was both sufficiently Epic and Adventurous:)

Days 22-23

On Saturday, we decided to stay the day with my family, as my Grandparents were down from NY. Again, wise decision all around, we had a nice time visiting Mt. Vernon. We left on Sunday to head back home. We still weren’t in a big rush, and took time to enjoy all 100 or so miles of Skyline Drive in VA on the way back.

Days 19-21

It rained all day on Wednesday, so we shortened our plans and headed straight for my Aunt Ruth’s house in Rome, NY. This was definitely the right decision, as we had good company, good food, a hot shower, and warm bed. All were very welcome at that point. We left the next morning ready for our last night of camping before arriving at my parents house in VA Friday night.

Day 18

From the Ferry in St. John, New Brunswick, we made our way west back over the boarder, and camped near Bangor, ME (Day 17). On Tuesday, we crossed into NH, and rode the auto road up to the top of Mount Washington (and down again),  and then found a camping spot in the White Mountains National Forest.

Day 17

After whale watching last Sunday (Day 16 = 8.24.2010), we stayed in Digby, NS to catch the ferry to New Brunswick at 8am the next morning. The Ferry ride took about 3 hours, and I napped for about half of that in one of two very comfortable lounges on board. The ferry had tie-downs for the bikes, which was probably needed and pretty nice on their part, but the floor of the car deck was really slippery, and made maneuvering a fully loaded bike a bit tricky. Whomever chose that surface for the car deck was not thinking about motorcycles, because there is very little friction, and they apparently have the accident records to prove it. I think about four different people warned me not to touch the front brake.

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