Nothing to update on the garden.

Sorry Da. I’ve been avoiding doing a garden update because we haven’t actually been in the garden since we got back from vacation at the end of August.  Leaving for three weeks during peak harvest time yielded the predictable consequences, and the growing season is nearly at the end now.  The plan is to dig it under for the winter.

I had been hoping to get some corn, but the bugs got to it first.

However, we are optimistic that next year’s garden will be better:) Really, the garden has been fun (mostly), and we’ll probably do it again next year. Everything this year went pretty well until we got too busy to keep up with it and then left for three weeks:)

Since the garden is such a mess right now though, I made sure to take the final picture of the season from far away and made the image fairly small so you can’t see it too well:)

That’s it for this year!

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2 Responses to Nothing to update on the garden.

  1. mzdai says:

    “There should be some “taters”……… & a few green tomatoes on the bushes”

  2. anonymous says:

    Wow! the weeds grew into trees?!

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