Hiking Pilot Mountain

Yes, we went hiking again. We both like it, and the dog loves it. Plus, its good exercise. Especially when there is a bit of elevation change, like at Pilot Mountain this last weekend. We’ve always just ridden the motorcycles up to the top for a nice place to eat lunch, but never explored any of the trails until this weekend. There are more trails than we expected, and they are pretty nice. We did about 8 miles, which was made more difficult by the 1000 ft of climb from the bottom of the trail to the top.  Those eight miles covered the majority of the available trails, but we’ll be back to do the rest another time.  Also, it turns out that Pilot Mountain is a popular place for rock climbers, and one of the trails was just full of people and their harnesses and various gear climbing the rock faces. I’ve never seen anyone rock climbing outside of a rock wall in a gym, so it was pretty neat to see so many people out there doing what looks to be a pretty difficult hobby.

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