Vlog: Tanks and FLAMETHROWER Edition

FLAMETHROWER is in all caps because, well, its a FLAMETHROWER, and we got see a live demonstration when we took a ride to the AAF Tank Museum in Danville, VA today.  The tank museum itself is terrific, as well as massive, both in physical size, and in collection of tanks, war photographs, uniforms, and much more. The museum held its annual live demonstrations this weekend, and it was AWESOME (there were lots of 10 year old boys there who agree with me on this). Seriously, I can’t do it justice, which is why I took  so much video:

First, the museum appears to be in a converted mill building, and its really, really massive. They were driving tanks around INSIDE the building, although I only caught this small vehicle:

Ok, here’s the good stuff, FLAMETHROWERS:

Here’s a still, so you can take a second to contemplate what you just saw:

There was also a weapons demonstration that included a fully restored, fully automatic “tommy gun.” This gun is roughly 80 years old, and easily worth in the tens of thousands of dollars at this point. It is a collectors item, and most collectors would not dream of shooting it, but would preserve it in a glass case.  This collector, however, is awesome, and let us see it in action:

Here’s a tank crushing a car:

Here are more flamethrowers (or as the kidz would say in today’s online parlance: MOAR FLAMETHROWERZ!!!)

There was also an incredible RC tank battlefield complete with model houses (some modeled as partially blown up), topography, rocks, a river, bridges, and trees:

Photography was permitted in the museum, but flashes were not, therefore we did not get very many good pictures, despite an overwhelming amount of interesting hardware and exhibits. For example, there was a very rare example of one of the first tanks ever built in the US.  It was built around 1918, but remained classified and was not used in WWI:

I’ll leave you with two pics below, and the knowledge that my Sunday afternoon was way better than yours. If you want to have as much fun as I did,  you should visit the tank museum in Danville, VA:)

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One Response to Vlog: Tanks and FLAMETHROWER Edition

  1. Mom says:

    The fact that Amy enjoyed this museum so much is not at all surprising given she would carry trucks in her purse as a little girl and did not play with dolls.

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