Baby Bird

This baby bird wandered through the garden while we were working in it on Saturday:

It had apparently been in the back yard, where Cody discovered it. Cody mostly just sniffed at it and wagged his tail in excitement, but I’m sure he scared it, and it ran into the garden, chirping the whole way to try and escape the big brown terror. I put Cody inside and grabbed my camera, but pictures were a little hard to get as the light was getting low, and the baby bird wasn’t exactly interested in sitting still and posing for me. It didn’t seem scared of us, and it followed me around for a few minutes before we finished and went inside for the evening. Mama bird was most likely nearby, so I hope baby bird made it back safe.

I spent about half an hour on the internet trying to identify what sort of bird this was, but I don’t have much experience identifying birds, and I still have no idea.

EDIT: Its a baby turkey, otherwise called a “poult.” There is apparently a family of wild turkeys that nested somewhere in the field or woods within a few hundred feet of our house. We’ve seen them wander through the yard on occasion. They seem to grow fast; as of this edit (7/13/2011), they are much bigger, maybe almost half size.

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