It’s the first day of Summer…

… and Cody thinks it’s too hot. When we let him out in the morning, he stays out for all of five minutes, and then goes to the window and whines to be let in.

Why does he go to the window? He knows how to go to the front door and rattle the doorknob to be let in (yes, seriously, he can be smart sometimes….occasionally…).

I’m not entirely sure, but this new habit of sitting outside the window and crying is pretty funny. I think there are several factors: 1) he likes hanging out on the NE corner of the house where he can see the areas most likely for something to happen, the front yard and driveway, and therefore be on “guard”, which is his job, naturally, 2) he likes to lay in the mulch, because he’s a dog, and likes to bring as much of the outside into my house as possible, and also, mulch is apparently tasty, and 3) that area of the house, being on the NE is often shaded, and a cool place for him to lay down. However, during the summer, in the morning, its hot, and I think he’s upset about that. Poor dog.

I could be wrong, but that’s my best guess at understanding my dog’s newest odd behavior.

Anyway, we also commemorated the beginning of summer by catching fireflies in a jar.

Cliché I know. However, there were hundreds of them in the front yard that night, all lighting up. It was pretty spectacular to watch. We also learned that the fireflies don’t really light up in the jar, preferring to light up when they can actually fly. Instead they mostly focused on looking for a way out the jar. I can’t say that I blame them. We let them go after a bit, and they lit up as soon as they were able to fly away.

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One Response to It’s the first day of Summer…

  1. Anon says:

    That is so pitiful. Let that poor dog in!

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