Links and Happy Belated 4th

Happy belated 4th. I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend that was full of good company, grilled food, and watermelon. Ours was. We went to SC to visit some friends who had traveled north from Florida. We crashed their holiday family get together and had a good ‘ol time playing games, swimming in the lake, and enjoying a picnic by the water. Sadly, I didn’t take a single picture.

Right now its back to work for a bit, so here’s some mid-week entertainment with a distinctly geeky flavor:

Leninade – Our culture is really strange.

The Sun lets loose a HUGE explosion (w/ awesome video).

Sweet, sweet revenge: Homeowner forecloses on bank. (If this is real, I love it).

Rotten Tomatoes Career-o-matic – Be careful, playing with this could consume your whole day. This is such a neat way to leverage existing data. Also, if you aren’t familiar with Rotten Tomatoes, go learn, I frequently use it more than IMDB, although I find both useful.

Q&A: A lost interview with ENIAC co-inventor J. Presper Eckert is a good read.

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