Tomato Sauce

We have far too many ripe tomatoes right now to eat them all, so we decided to make tomato sauce.

Neither of us had ever made homemade tomato sauce before, so I wasn’t sure how successful we would be. It turns out that while its quite a bit of work, its not at all difficult, and the result is delicious. We made about 4 quarts, so there was enough to put in the freezer to save for later. We decided against canning this time, because freezing is just easier. Maybe next time. Word on the internet is that after thawing, the frozen sauce will still be much better than anything you can buy in store, so I’ll have to verify that later.

We took a break and ate lunch while the sauce was cooking. Kevin took a picture of his sandwich: We had leftover roasted chicken to put on homemade bread, with fresh tomatoes (because we eat tomatoes with everything now), swiss cheese, lettuce, and mayo. Yum. Also, I’m pretty sure a little of that sauce is going on homemade pizza later today.

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