Yes, we felt yesterday’s earthquake here in NC. I was out at the time, but Kevin was home, and said there was enough shaking to rattle the dishes in the cupboards. I felt the whole concrete slab of the large warehouse building I was standing in shake up and down. The shaking was very mild here, and since I’ve never been in an earthquake before, it took several seconds for me to decide that the shaking was indeed an earthquake, and not just heavy trucks or equipment nearby (there were none, so it became pretty obvious what was happening).  However, many people I spoke to said they didn’t feel it all. Pretty unexpected event for around here, but as I learned yesterday, earthquakes aren’t totally unheard of in the region.  Thankfully, this mostly caught people by surprise, and didn’t seem to cause much damage or any injury. My first earthquake was mostly a non-event:)

Found this here, thought it was funny:

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