Amazing Ride Report

Motorcycle touring has blossomed into a full blown obsession for us. The more we do, the more ambitious and adventurous trips we take, the more we want to do, and the more zoomed out the maps get as places further and further away become potential places to ride.  I currently have three different google docs in development for use as planning tools for three different future trips we’d like to take, not to mention the sundry of ideas for trips that haven’t made it into writing yet.

However, nothing I ever do on a motorcycle will ever compare to THIS.

Aside from being a fantastic and jaw-dropping ride report, this is one of the most hard-core adventures I have ever heard about. I have no desire to follow their tire tracks, but reading about it was so good a feel compelled to share it.  I mean it, take the time to read the whole thing.

Image from

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