Sunday Hike at Hanging Rock

During certain times of the year, we go hiking several times a month. Usually we just go to our favorite standby at Hanging Rock State Park. If we have a free day during a weekend, we’ll often end up going here. We go so often I usually don’t bother to take pictures, blog, or make note of what trails we did, how far we hiked, or how much elevation we climbed.

Hanging Rock has over 18 miles of trails, and at this point, we’ve hiked all of them. There are definitely some favorites that we like to come back to: the Moore’s Wall Loop is about a 5 mile loop with about 800-900 ft of elevation gain that takes you to the highest point in the park, where you can scale a lookout tower and get fantastic 360° views. This is a favorite for bringing the binoculars along. There are several pictures on this site taken on top of that tower.

Another favorite is the route we did today: the “Wolf Rock” and “Hanging Rock” trails. I think we hiked about 4 miles and probably about 500 feet elevation gain, part of which took us to the park’s eponymous summit, were we stopped for a picnic lunch.



The views are spectacular, and its a nice reward after a fairly steep (but short) climb.  Although we were hoping to explore a new park this weekend, I doubt we’ll ever tire of going to hanging rock; its that nice.

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