New Motorcycle: Welcome Ducati Multistrada

Kevin bought a new bike this weekend. He had been thinking about this bike for awhile, but hadn’t had a chance to ride one. We had planned to drive down to Morrow Mountain State park on Saturday to go hiking (see post below). Since the only Ducati dealership anywhere near us is in Charlotte, we decided to make a weekend of it and go see about a test ride before heading over to the park.  The new version of the model has only been made for two years. That, plus a price point that usually means only people much older than us buy them, means you pretty much can’t find them used (anywhere in a several state area around us anyway).

Except this weekend. A guy (with apparently quite the motorcycle purchasing budget) had just traded a 2010 multistrada for the new 1600 cc BMW K-bike the day before. He bought the multi new in August of 2010, put 1800 miles on it, including the break in and first dealer service, made a few upgrades (top trunk and heated gear outlets), and then decided on Friday that he’d rather have the BMW. It was perfect. It was the exact bike Kevin wanted, practically brand new, but at a much more attractive price (still under warranty!). Seriously, you don’t turn a deal like that down. It can be hard to find new ones, much less pristine condition used ones. We actually got the meet the owner, since he was there on Saturday picking up his new K-bike. Seems like a nice guy, we thanked him for his excellent but changing taste in motorcycles. This bike is fantastic, and is much better suited for indulging our desires for longer touring adventures. I just wish it wasn’t too tall for me:)

For more about why this bike is so awesome, check out this video review of the Multistrada from Gizmag, which is probably my favorite/most well done video review of the bike.

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2 Responses to New Motorcycle: Welcome Ducati Multistrada

  1. nchydroman says:

    This looks like a great bike. Did you keep the old one?

  2. amytracker says:

    Yup. We’re keeping the 900ss. We both love it, but it will probably only get used for day rides now. Using the 900ss (16 yr old Italian race bike) for long distance is starting to cross the line from “brave, adventurous, uncomfortable, and slightly crazy” to just plain stupid. We really don’t care to have the element of fixing random failures on the road if possible as part of the adventure.

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