Canoeing the Smith River

I love fall weather in NC. There are so many sunny 65-75°F days that we just keep the HVAC off and open the windows in the house. Its actually raining today, but this weekend was beautiful, with weather that just begged for us to find something to do outside.  So we didn’t think twice when we were invited to go canoeing with some friends.

Its a shame, but we actually hadn’t been paddling at all this year until last weekend. Too busy working and too many other hobbies I guess. This weekend was really nice, and it gave us a chance to paddle the Smith River, which we had never done before. Since there are very few rapids on the rivers in this area, paddling is a great way to relax; you barely even have paddle, you sort of just float down stream. We enjoyed the emerging fall colors and wildlife along the river, and took to the time to stop for a picnic lunch on an island. It was a great way to spend a Saturday and enjoy playing outdoors before the inevitable nasty winter weather gets here.

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