Happy Thanksgiving

Ok, belated Thanksgiving. What can I say?, we’ve been working, and then traveling for the Holiday, so I haven’t had much to post. As usual, we spent a bunch of time in the car, which I am hesitant to complain about because we got to visit with everyone we wanted to see, if only for a short while. Seeing everyone is definitely something to be thankful for. That, and the food. Especially dessert. My family is really, really good at dessert; specifically pie, such as apple, pumpkin, and peanut-butter cream pie, and pumpkin cheesecake.

I wish everyone’s Thanksgiving was as delicious as mine, and that everyone has as much to be thankful for. Except for the driving part. We decided to drive all the way to NC from Syracuse on Sunday, rather than take the time to split up the trip.  I’m pretty sure the entire country was on I-81 in Virginia. At least we knew that the Sunday after Thanksgiving is the most traveled day of the year, so we were resigned to  moving along in first gear on the interstate. Still, 13.5 hours on the road is a long day. Maybe its telling that I only took a few pictures this trip, and most of them looked like this:

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