Jamaican Vacation

This year, we found ourselves with the rather unusual obligation (yes, obligation) to travel to Jamaica for work. (I know, twist my arm, “you mean we have to go on-site in Jamaica? Well, if we HAVE too.”) Anyway, we decided to take advantage of the opportunity and go down a few days early to enjoy some down time before getting to work. (I should clarify here: Kevin and Carter had work on-site, I just went down for the fun part, and then returned to conducting business from the home office:)

So, the three of us flew down one afternoon. Kevin and I woke up to this view from the room at the resort:

For most of the trip, the weather was a mixed bag. It was never bad, and only rained overnight. But it wasn’t always sunny either, and temps in the mid-70s meant it wasn’t as tempting to play in the water as much as I wished. About 75% of the time, the ocean looked like the photo below, and the wind was fairly strong. This kept the resort from allowing any of the water activities: no swimming, nor snorkling, no kayaking, no sailing or motorized water-sports.  Oh well, there goes some things off my list.

So we decided to rent bikes and ride around the enormous resort grounds. This particular resort has roughly 400 acres, and there is a lot to see and do, which is great. We spent the first morning lazily exploring, and stopped long enough to play a game of chess on the giant chess board with an ocean view.

Since both Kevin and I had to think for a minute to even remember the rules of chess, it wasn’t exactly a master level game. For the record, slop counts, and I won:)

We spent quite a bit of time on the back porch of the room “brainstorming” our next activity and just hanging out. I’m happy to report Kevin had no problem taking advantage of the down time.

The resort was a great help in assisting in their guests relaxation by cleverly placing a bar 150 ft down the beach from our room.

The next day, we left the resort and headed over the the power plant for a few minutes so that I would have a chance to see it while I was there, and for Kevin and Carter to say hello. Quite a bit of work had already been completed, and it was reassuring to see that the project was in competent hands. The plants are well-run, and I doubt Kevin and Carter will have any trouble completing installation and commissioning.

We then headed over the to obligatory tourist hot-spot, Dunn’s River Falls. If it had been any cooler, climbing the falls would not have been nearly as fun. As it was, we almost had the place to ourselves, and had a pretty good time hiking up the river in such a beautiful setting.

Back at the resort, we did some more exploring. In the photo below, Carter is standing next to a mostly restored tribute to refugees from Cuba. 15 people traveled in this boat over open ocean in 1996 to land right here at the resort.

I also used this afternoon to go swimming with the dolphins. I couldn’t convince anyone to go with me, but I had to take advantage of the chance to play with these intelligent animals. Its not like I can just swim with the dolphins whenever I want. Its a lot of fun, but I’m also a little uneasy about keeping dolphins in captivity. Sometimes, the way the animals are acquired and treated is unethical, and I don’t want to provide my support for those practices. These dolphins seemed to be having a great time and well taken care of, but I wish a had done some research beforehand.

The last morning we were there, the sun came out in earnest, and we took some time in the morning to play on some kayaks in the ocean. I’m not sure if we have any pictures though, as Kevin still has my camera (he kept it for work, and since the internet connection at his hotel isn’t the best, I doubt I’ll get any more pics until he gets back.) So, I may add more pics to this post later. Otherwise, it was a fun trip!

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One Response to Jamaican Vacation

  1. Anita Mac says:

    Too bad about the weather, but it looks like you still had a good time! Wasn’t Dunn’s River Falls awesome! Was there in November – the water was great and we had so much fun! Talk about living in the moment!

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