This post is for posterity/in case you didn’t know about this/because I want to voice my take/because I like to point out how viewing our elected leaders in Washington as “authorities” on almost any subject is terribly misguided:

So, every so often, Congress gets this ridiculous idea that they need to exert some control over the internet. “Its for the children,”  or whatever. This round is another attempt by the MPAA to stop online piracy. While I’m sure that idea is good, the proposed “solutions” are far worse than the problem. Basically, my interpretation of the events is that the entertainment industry has an outdated business model, and rather than embrace new opportunities, they want to use the force of law and all that entails to enforce their existing methods of making money. If they really wanted to stop piracy, they would embrace online streaming rather than fight it. But they don’t. They’d rather send men with guns, like the thugs they are.

Anyway, I signed the petition voicing my opposition to censoring the web: has some relevant links if you want to know more about the awful legislation our elected leaders are proposing (The links below are quoted directly from, please don’t sue me or shut my blog down):

“PIPA In A Nutshell:

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