This weekend, the weather was so nice and sunny on Saturday that we wore T-shirts and went for a hike. Then on Sunday afternoon, it looked like this:

Cody loves it when it snows.  He runs around like a puppy, and then runs his face through the snow, and rolls in it over and over. Its so funny, pictures don’t do it justice. Plus the dim light yesterday afternoon made the moment hard to capture, and he doesn’t sit still long enough to get a good shot anyway.  He’s just so happy, so Kevin played in the snow with him for awhile:)  Its probably not sporting to throw snowballs for him, which he chases like crazy, and then laugh as he searches vainly for the “ball” so he can retrieve it.


It must have snowed a little more overnight, for a total of probably 3 inches. This morning was brilliant and white outside:


Its already warmer today, and the snow is melting quickly off the roof of the house. I’m still choosing to believe that I’ll get one more chance to go skiing this year after-all:)


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