The best time to plant trees is 20 years ago

Around these parts, people like to have their land logged before putting it on the market to sell. I wish they wouldn’t. I would gladly pay more than the value of the logged trees to have 50 acres or more with mature trees on it. Instead, land for sale is ugly, barren, and torn up from the logging process. No one re-plants.

At least this practice allowed us to buy land for a rock bottom price. We started our terraforming project earlier this year, and continued this weekend by planting 120 trees over the course of two days.

Kevin ordered 10 varieties of native trees through the local forestry service, which were delivered via UPS on Tuesday of this week. They are shipped bare-root, and are mostly saplings, so we had to get them in the ground this weekend.

We’ll likely put in some larger trees and more ornamental trees later on, but this was intended as a start towards our small scale and low cost re-forestry project. Even if only half of them live, we’re still money ahead. In a few years, I think we’ll be really glad we put in the effort now.

Earlier this year, there was a really good deal on some green giants (an ornamental/screening evergreen that does really well in this area, and seems to be impervious to disease, insects, and weather conditions).  At 16 ft tall, they already look great along the front by the road.

I really hope they all live. Tree planting is a lot of work. I would definitely not do well making a living as a landscaper.

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