Motocamping – Gatlinburg, TN

Some friends of ours are taking a 9 or 10 day road trip across the country this week, so we decided to ride out to meet them near Gatlinburg, TN.

They’re actually moving out west, so they are on quite the adventure. Not only that, but they are on this trip with their 8 week old and two dogs. In some ways, its makes our own travels seem much less……adventurous. So far so good though, and I have to admit that a travel trailer is a really nice way to go. Unless the weather is perfect, tent camping isn’t particularly comfortable…..or convenient. Its mostly just cheap and portable, and allows us to spend the night in some really cool places. However, the appeal of air conditioning and escape from the bugs is not lost on me:)

The Gatlinburg area is beautiful, and prime riding country, but the actual town itself is too touristy for my taste. We had dinner in town, and the crowds were out in force. The short hike we took on Sunday morning was much more my speed.

The walk was nice, and the the wildlife wasn’t shy:

By lunch time on Sunday, we all needed to get on the road. Its about a 300 mi ride back home from Gatlinburg for us, which is usually a pretty full day of riding. We did take time to grab a couple of curvy roads in TN and the mountains of NC, but spent more time on the superslab than usual to avoid riding too much after dark.

It was nice to prove we could do that many miles in a short time if we have to, and totally worth it to hang out with some friends we don’t see often enough. (And, you know, ride some of the best roads in the country:)



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