Whoa! What happened to the blog?

I changed the theme (visual, not content. Its what wordpress calls the various visual schemes for the appearance of a blog). I may change it more. Can you handle it? Change can be difficult.

I was tired of the old colors, and dissatisfied with readability and column width. I also wanted some features not available with the old theme.

I’ve been thinking of changing the theme for a while, but never really liked any of the free ones wordpress had to offer, except this one. However, I didn’t want to use this one, because EVERYONE uses this one, and that’s boring. However, they use it because it’s the best one, so I finally caved and made the switch, even though now my blog looks exactly like half the blogs hosted by wordpress. Conformity is definitely overrated, but good readability, design, and font choices are not. Oh well.

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