Hiking – AT, Mcafee’s Knob

Went for a little hike today: 4 miles out and back on the Appalachian Trail to Mcafee’s Knob, one of the most photographed spots on the AT. It takes a little over an hour and a half to get to the trail head from our house, so even though we’ve wanted to hike this section for awhile, we just never committed a full day to this adventure until this morning. It was just too nice to be inside today, and Cody was grateful we took him along instead of leaving him behind so we could ride the motorcycles.

The AT in this section is fantastic: its popularity means the trail is well maintained, and the scenery is wonderful and varied, from very pretty understory, to the amazing views once you make it to the top. We took a break on the knob, which is about 4 miles in, for some pictures, and then headed back down the hill the way we came. The total hike was about 8 miles, and 1200 ft of elevation gain. Fortunately, all that gain is spread out, so this section is not as strenuous as it sounded to me before we started.

As always, my pictures don’t do it justice. This part of the country is just stunningly beautiful, especially on such a perfect day for hiking.

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